Goals and Objectives

Program Basics
• Fellows are paid $1500, in quarterly installments of $375 each, for their annual commitment and contribution
• Fellows attend 10, regularly scheduled 2 hour meetings per calendar year (e.g. the second Monday of the month)
• Fellows plan and facilitate the yearly Marwen Teaching Artists’ Retreat
• Fellows may be asked to do selected reading, answer follow-up questions, or do other limited research outside of meeting times
• Fellows are also invited (but not required) to attend Marwen staff meetings and/or other pertinent events
• Being a Fellow does not guarantee acceptance of course proposals

Goals of the Program
• To create a collaborative relationship between Marwen and its cohort of teaching artists
• For Fellows to have a greater understanding of Marwen’s philosophy, program model, and inner workings of the organization
• To foster a greater sense of community among teaching artists
• To employ Fellows as agents of change through their communication with other teaching artists, teaching assistants, students and their families, and in their lives as artists


Fellows will:
• Attend 10 regularly scheduled, 2-hour meetings per calendar year
• Complete selected readings, follow-up questions or other limited research outside of meeting times
• Integrate with staff and board at selected meetings and events in order to represent Marwen’s teaching artists
• Participate in on-site training in pertinent topics in art education such as Visual Thinking Strategies
• Examine and help define Marwen pedagogy in relation to their practice as teaching artists
• Contribute to professional development workshops for Marwen’s teaching artists


During 2012, Fellows will work closely with Marwen education department staff to:
• Discuss ways of refining Marwen’s Teaching Artist website portal (My Marwen) and WIKI, and continue to refine and add to the Critique Guidelines, Best Practices of Marwen Teaching Artists (currently being developed) and other resources
• Plan and facilitate Pre and Post-Term meetings and the Annual Teaching Artist Retreat
• Provide support for Teaching Artists and create tangible resources for them to utilize in their teaching practices
• Participate in Teaching Artist “Peer to Peer Engagement” program and aid in its growth and refinement
• Examine and help refine Marwen’s Program Evaluation tools

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