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Imagine Your Students Here

Offer your students a creative opportunity

Let us enhance your curriculum by supporting your students outside of school. Marwen educates and inspires through the visual arts utilizing technology, special equipment like kilns, and sewing machines for bringing ideas to life. Our eight studios are filled with materials for student exploration, and it’s all free of charge. Get to know Marwen better through our information packets, student outreach workshops, and more.

What Marwen Can Do for Your Students

Free Arts Education

Every student deserves a great education. Marwen is completely free for students who meet our requirements.

College and Career Counseling

Beyond studio courses, Marwen’s College and Career team provides counseling, resources, and programs to students, alumni, and families.

Enrichment Credit

Marwen provides students with transcripts, forms, and letters needed for enrichment credit.

Arts Community

At Marwen, your students will have access to an inspiring arts community.

Marwen is FREE of charge and welcomes students who meet all eligibility requirements. Your students are eligible if they…
Are from under-resourced schools and/or communities and their family cannot afford to pay for art courses elsewhere
Live within the city limits of Chicago
Are in grades 6-12 and at least 11 years old
Self-elect to attend and actively participate
Can make art independently for up to 3 hours, for 10 classes

Student Outreach Workshops

Get to know Marwen through a customized, hands-on art making experience.

Explore More of Marwen

Student Gallery

Check out our student’s latest work.