Peer to Peer Exchange

Marwen’s Peer to Peer Exchange is a teaching artist lead professional development program designed to provide support and encourage our teaching artists to continually refine their teaching practices. Each term a team of 8-10 teaching artists gather to observe, reflect and collaborate.


• Foster a community of professionalism and growth through reflection and collaboration
• Promote a culture of knowledge sharing to support innovative teaching strategies and best practices
• Ensure relevance to teaching artists’ needs and desires by supporting their autonomy to guide their professional development

Peer to Peer Exchange Expectations

In order to receive a stipend of $250, Peer to Peer Exchange participants:

• Attend both a pre and post term Peer to Peer Exchange meeting for an orientation, creation of partners, and discussion of expectations and goals
• Set formal or informal observation template or goals with each other
• Observe each other’s classes at least once on dates chosen by the partner team
• Debrief in in person with partner about the experience
• Take notes in order to share observations with the whole P2P group after the post term meeting.

Quotes of reflection from past Teaching Artist Peer to Peer Exchange participants:

• “It was extremely helpful.  My partner teaching artist noted many insightful and helpful things about my teaching and my students that I would not be aware of otherwise.  Also observing my partner was both thought provoking and inspiring.”
• “This observation allows you to be aware of everything you do, and how you interact with the students, as well as hearing the observer telling you how you come across when you are managing your class.”
• “[P2P] enabled us to have a really open ended thorough conversation about our teaching practice and core believes that simply could never happen in a condensed meeting or large-group format.”
• “[In our post-observation discussion] we didn’t just spend time talking about what we observed – what we like, what we suggested, etc. – but topics developed out of those observations that got us talking about broader topics/issues/ideas. Somehow we started talking about the general ways in which artists can improve as teachers – talking about how to better use resources, and how to bring in our own studio practices into the way we teach students – it was a really exciting conversation.”
• “Make everyone do this!!!! Allow me to do this again?”

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