Artward Bound Maine

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Artward Bound Maine
June 24 - 29, 2017

Have you ever wanted to travel and make art with other dedicated Marwen students? The 2017 Artward Bound Maine trip is the perfect opportunity! Six 10th and 11th grade students (rising juniors and seniors) and two Marwen teaching artists will collaborate in art-making projects on an island off the coast of Maine for one week in June. You will have the opportunity to approach art making in a unique environment by using the island as inspiration for your projects. You will explore new ways of making art working with drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and photography in the beautiful island landscape to create your final projects. Six dedicated students will be selected through an application and interview process for this all-expenses paid trip!


How Do I Apply?
How Do I Apply? +

1. Online Application


Please fill out and submit our online application form.


2. Letter of Recommendation


As part of the application, please submit a recommendation letter from an adult who knows you and your work as a student. Please ask an adult, who is not from Marwen, nor a relative/family member. This can be a high school teacher (does not have to be an art teacher), a coach, a counselor, etc.


Download and print our recommendation form and provide it your teacher/counselor/coach.


Please have them email or fax the completed letter to: Christian Ortiz | cortiz@marwen.og | fax:312.944.6696


If you have any questions about the trip or application process, please contact Christian Ortiz at cortiz@marwen.org or 312.374.2912.

Grades 10-11

June 24 - 29, 2017

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