Art at Work

Art at Work

Art at Work is a career program in which juniors and seniors are hired and paid as professional young artists! The program consists of two components: career development workshops in communications and money management and an internship at an arts related organization or business in Chicago. This program is by application only. If you have any questions, please email artatwork@marwen.org or call 312.374.2907.

Important Information about Art at Work
Application Process +

+ Read the internship field descriptions, then review the application

+ Complete and submit your application by the established deadline, TBA

+ Select students will be invited for an interview, TBA

+ Students will be notified of a hiring decision by TBA

Student Eligibility +

+ Students completing grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible to apply.

+ Student must have a social security number or tax identification number.

Student selection will prioritize students who meet the following criteria, but students who do not may still apply:

+ Priority will be given to graduating seniors and students who have successfully completed Marwen courses.

+ Have successfully completed at least two courses at Marwen and have a great attendance record

+ Demonstrate financial need

Additional Information +

+ Internships: Students will be placed in a five-week long internship at an arts-related organization or business that matches the student’s interests, strengths, and creative skills with the needs and interests of the internship site.

+ Career Workshops: All students also participate in career development workshops in money management and communications. All workshops take place at Marwen.

+ Art at Work is a paid Marwen job! Students are paid hourly, minimum wage for their internship and workshop attendance.

+ 2018 Schedule: TBA

Grades 11-12

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