Student recruitment WOrkshops AT MARWEN

Student Recruitment Workshops at Marwen are designed for 6th-12th grade Chicago youth who are underserved to get to know Marwen through a 90-minute, hands-on art making experience in our professional studios. One need not be an art teacher or even a teacher to request an SRW at Marwen. Those organizing a visit need only be thoughtful in the selection of students for this recruitment experience.

To schedule a Student Recruitment Workshop at Marwen, your group of 6th through 12th grade youth must meet all five requirements listed below.

• Live within the city limits of Chicago
• Study in grades 6–12
• Include at least 10 students and no more than 24 students
• Are under-served and cannot afford to pay for art courses elsewhere
• Can make art independently for up to 90 minutes

For more information about these personal recruitment opportunities at Marwen, please contact Marwen's Outreach Coordinator at 312.374.2908 or email lwilliams@marwen.org.

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