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College + Career

Marwen students are part of a creative community invested in each student’s next steps and personal success. Marwen's College and Career Programs support students and their families in planning for and persisting in their next phase of life after high school: academically, professionally, and artistically. We work with all students to achieve the next steps and goals they define for themselves, including attending higher education, finding other options after high school, exploring career options, and defining personal life goals. Marwen staff also provides specialized resources to support students pursuing an art and design education and creative careers.

Marwen students and families are encouraged to select the support they need from our one-on-one advising, workshops, and professional development opportunities in the arts.  Some of the many ways our students access support and resources at Marwen:

  • Understand and navigate college options
  • Apply for financial aid and scholarships
  • Develop a visual arts portfolio
  • Prepare a resume and practice interview strategies
  • Apply to experiential learning programs or pre-college programs
  • Develop as a young arts professional through Marwen’s internship programs

In a city where there are real barriers and systems in place against young people’s success – we want Marwen students to dream big with us and want to provide guidance on tangible education and professional options that are a good fit and match for each student. After high school, many of our students continue their journeys at 4-year universities and liberal arts colleges, art schools, and Chicago community colleges. We feel honored to provide college and career counseling and programming that focuses on in-depth one-on-one support with our students and families.

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