Spring 2020 New Student Orientation + Registration

Spring 2020 New Student Orientation + Registration
Saturday, January 11, 2020
Marwen, 833 N. Orleans Street

SAVE THE DATE! Considering becoming a Marwen student? Join us for New Student Orientation. Times and details to be announced. Marwen is for you if you...

  • Want to attend and are excited to participate
  • Have parent/guardian permission to attend
  • Are committed to attending all 10 sessions of the course
  • Have reliable transportation to and from Marwen
  • Live in the city of Chicago
  • Will be in grades 6-12 during the 2019-2020 school year and at least 11 years old by September 1
  • Cannot afford to pay for art classes
  • Attend an under-resourced school and/or live in an under-resourced community

New Student Orientation is required for new students to enroll in Marwen programs. To enroll, the student and a parent/trusted adult must be present for the duration of orientation. If no one is available to accompany you, please contact us.



Contact us at 312.374.2968 or hmorrison@marwen.org (Se habla Español)
Ceramics course from Summer 2019