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Marwen’s Career Programs offer students exposure to career opportunities in the arts, networking opportunities, and hands-on experience in various industries. We emphasize transferable professional skills, such as communication skills and best practices in professionalism that students can apply to any career field. Counselors meet with students individually to focus on resume development, job searching, and interviewing techniques. Students’ creative skill development is further supported through our selective paid art commission and internship opportunities.


Commissioned Art Programs

  • Design to Print: Students are hired to create original artwork for Marwen's annual holiday cards. As commissioned artists, students will also learn the business side of the arts through client meetings and critiques, as well as meeting with guest professional artists.
  • Special Projects: Each year, Marwen partners with an outside organization or public space to create unique student work. These projects are by application only and students are hired as young professional artists, learn about the business of commissioned work, and receive a stipend for their work.


  • Art at Work: A capstone summer program in which juniors and seniors are hired for internships in professional arts organizations and businesses in Chicago and attend career development workshops.
  • Art Institute of Chicago: An academic-year long internship with the Family Programs at the Art Institute of Chicago. This internship provides students an opportunity to work with kids and families and gain in-depth experience in museum education.


  • Career Fair: Marwen’s largest networking event for young artists and their families. Chicago students have the opportunity to meet over 25 local professionals in the arts and beyond.
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